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45 Degrees helps enterprise customers transforming their IT department into an IT service organization, enabled by Cloud technology. This offers great opportunities.  It does however require significant changes for IT departments on both organisational as well as technical level.  We offer 6 types of services to our customers: Enterprise Architecture services in a hybrid world, Cloud Architecture services, Cloud Engineering services, Hybrid/Cloud Program management services, Hybrid Service Delivery Management services and FinOps services.

We help you make the right decisions by narrowing down the playfield in each relevant domain. From 360° of chaos to 45° of opportunities.

We help our customers from strategy to execution.  With a clear focus on getting ready to capture the tsunami of business demand for new solutions.  Turning those into business value.  Fast, efficient and future proof.

What we do

We will help enterprise customers that have a cloud/hybrid IT strategy with all aspects that will allow them to onboard workloads on their platform in the best possible way.  Your cloud "out of the box" will not get you there.  There is a range of things you have to get in place before you will get efficient.  The early days story "start doing some proof of concepts" will only get you some way on the journey.

We like to explain what we do by comparing the cloud journey of our customers with a real estate developer who just bought an island with nothing on it.  Check out what we mean with that in the video below.

Get Organised

Enterprise Architecture

From defining your hybrid or cloud operating model, setting up an organisation aligned with that to rolling out a pragmatic accountability model.  One thing is clear by now : it's not as simple as copying a model from somebody else.

Nail the Platform

Cloud Architecture

All our customers run today in a hybrid world : cloud combined with on-premise infrastructure.  The architecture of this platform is key for fast technology adoption.

Get it done

Cloud Engineering

A architecture is one thing, getting things implemented is obviously the next step.  There is a lot to do when adopting a cloud/hybrid strategy and making it real.

Set it up as a Program

Cloud Program Management

Transforming your traditional IT organisation to a service oriented organisation requires a solid programmatic approach.  Call it a Cloud Center of Excellence, a Hybrid Organisation setup, a Platform Team,...  The name is not that relevant.

Run IT efficiently

(Cloud) Service Delivery Management

You build it, you run it.  Or not really in an enterprise environment.  How will you make sure your IT operations are up to the level your business expects them to be?

Control the Costs


Managing the costs of a cloud platform is a total different approach compared to a traditional on-premise infrastructure.  Make sure you never get the invoice from hell...

Visionary clients​

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