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45 Degrees is situated on the cutting edge of innovation and digital transformation. Are you ready for a new challenge that combines technical expertise, business insights and entrepreneurship?

We help large (enterprise) customers with all aspects of their cloud journey.  Technical as well as non technical.  We do this by combining top consultants with a our own developed IP.  And we train more junior consultants using our own Academy.

Our jobs

Currently we are looking for a

(Cloud) Service Delivery Manager

Adopting Cloud technology comes with new IT operations challenges.  While the theoretical model says “you build it, you run it”, ...
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The 45 Degrees Academy

The 45 Degrees club is actively attracting young and ambitious talents by providing them a tailor-made career program focused on ...
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FinOps Architect

Adopting Cloud technology comes with a new financial model.  Variable spending becomes the standard, while the "spending power" goes from ...
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Cloud Project / Program Manager

We are looking for a project manager, with the strategic skills of a program manager, who understands the cloud environment ...
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Associate Cloud Architect – Cloud Engineer (Azure)

As an Associate Cloud Architect or a Cloud Engineer, you help guiding your clients in their transition to the cloud, ...
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Cloud Architect (Azure)

As a Cloud Architect, you lead the customer through his transition into the cloud, more specific the Microsoft Azure Cloud.  ...
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Enterprise Technology Architect

At 45 Degrees we narrow down the playfield to help our customer make the right business and technical decisions. To deliver that ...
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Life @ 45°

What is going on @ 45 Degrees?

Who are we? What projects are we doing? How are we having fun?

Life @ 45 Degrees: Danny Willems

Who do we have before us? Hi! I'm Danny Willems, Cloud Architect at 45 Degrees, with a focus on the ...
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Life @ 45 Degrees: Diederik Wyffels on 2023

Managing Partner, Diederik Wyffels, dedicated his 45" seconds of 45 Degrees to elaborate his plans for 2023. He defines 'vintage ...
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Life @ 45 Degrees: Sean Van Loon

Hi Sean, tell us a little about yourself. I’m an Associate Cloud Architect at the Club of 45 Degrees, which ...
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Life @ 45 Degrees: Monika Marinkovska

Who are you? And what do you do at 45 Degrees? Well, my name is Monika Marinkovska, I’m currently based ...
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Cloud Engineer

Life @ 45 Degrees: Wouter Lobbestael

Hi, I’m Wouter and I’ve been working in IT for 5 years now. Currently, I’m a Cloud Engineer at 45 ...
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Life @ 45 Degrees: Stijn Depril

Who are you and what do you do? Well, my name is Stijn Depril. What do I do? I work ...
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Life @ 45 Degrees: Stijn Devogel

Let’s start with who you are and what you do?  My name is Stijn, and I am a 36-year-old father ...
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Life @ 45 Degrees: Krista Gheys

You know, I really notice people are happy working here. They socialize, communicate openly and when they open their laptop, ...
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Wim Schepkens_Cloud Solution Architect

Life at 45 Degrees: Wim Schepkens #2

Tell us, who is Wim? Let’s keep it short and simple. I am Wim Schepkens, 43 years old, from and ...
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My Life @ 45 Degrees : Thierry Luycx

Hi, I’m Thierry Luycx.  I’ve been on this planet since more than 50 years, and running around in the IT ...
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HR @ 45 Degrees : Loes Piron

Can you introduce yourself? My name is Loes Piron.  I could start talking about how obsessed I am with my ...
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Pluralit partnership : Diversity to support customer services

Can you introduce yourself and Pluralit? I am Pablo Sammartino, Founder and CEO of Pluralit.  We are a young company ...
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My Life @ 45 Degrees : Nacho Sellan

My name is Juan Ignacio Sellan, but everyone call me Nacho (Nacho is the short for Ignacio). Born in Italy ...
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My Life @ 45 Degrees : Tim Van Broekhoven

My name is Tim Van Broekhoven. 39 years of age. Father of a beautiful daughter, science enthusiast, tennis player and ...
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My life @ 45 Degrees : Wim Schepkens

Wim Schepkens, 41 years old and I’ve been in the IT world for a little over 20 years. Started as ...
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