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Life @ 45 Degrees: Tim De Block

After seeing his former colleague make the leap to our company, Tim De Block couldn’t help but feel a hand of fate. It was as if he was destined to follow suit. And sure enough, he was contacted by one of our recruiters, confirming his gut feeling that joining us as a Cloud Architect was the right decision. Now, a month into his journey, we’re eager to hear about his experience so far!

Passionate about technology to the 45th degree 

Driven by a deep passion for cloud technology, Tim De Block recently joined our team with a wide array of skills and experience in unified communications. He has transitioned from a presales role to a more architecture-focused position, where he is dedicated to guiding clients through the intricacies of cloud adoption, helping to achieve optimal returns on their investments. 

“I go the extra mile to help companies make the most of cloud and hybrid architectures – from design to implementation”, Tim explains. “This means I’m pretty much always available. My job is not just work, it’s a source of immense joy. For me, striking a balance between professional and personal life is simple – my passion for technology fuels both.” 

Connecting cloud applications and people alike 

Even as a technical architect, Tim emphasizes that his role goes beyond technical aspects. “My main goal is to understand the needs of our clients and their customers, and to bring together the right people and resources to fulfill those effectively”, he says. 

“In a tech-driven environment, it’s easy to overlook the human element. Yet, when clients place their trust in our hands, building strong relationships becomes increasingly vital for success.” 

Drawing a comparison between 45 Degrees and his past workplaces, Tim notes that our culture aligns with his people-oriented philosophy. “The atmosphere here,” he observes, “is a refreshing change from the traditional service integrators I’ve experienced in the past.”

The power of cross-company work and play 

Tim credits 45 Degrees’s dynamic culture to the knowledge exchange and teamwork within De Cronos Groep.

“As a member of De Cronos Groep, I have numerous opportunities to develop as a trusted advisor for clients at 45 Degrees. While my current focus is on Azure cloud, I envision my role evolving into that of a multi-cloud expert in the long run. I truly enjoy the camaraderie and shared learning within the cluster, too. The connections we make go beyond the workplace, and it’s refreshing to unwind together over drinks after work”, Tim concludes. 

Eager to join a growing company? At 45 Degrees, we’re always looking for IT professionals with expertise in cloud architecture and software development. Check out our open positions to see if there’s a role for you!

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