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45° Enterprise Cloud Engine

The combination of a Cloud Center of Excellence and a Well Architected Framework gives the customer their smooth running cloud engine.  These two work hand in hand.  Existing workloads are assessed using the well architected framework.  The learnings are feed back into the capabilities of a cloud center of excellence.  And are re-used in new projects.

Most of our customers have decided to start adopting cloud technology.  Those cloud journeys start often with one proof of concept.  One workload used as a test.  Then they start adding workloads and solutions.  All in proof of concept or pilot mode.  The business partners love the agility, the speed, the flexibility.  Soon those business partners are using the proof of concept as a mission critical solution.

That is where the Well Architected Framework comes into the picture. This framework allows us to assess an existing cloud workload against an extended set of best practices.  This is done along 5 pillars : security, reliability, cost optimisation, performance efficiency or operational excellence.  The outcome is a list of recommendations for optimisation.

You don’t want to look at a growing cloud architecture, workload by workload.  You need a framework to keep control over the full cloud solution stack.  That is what a Cloud Center of Excellence is offering.  It does not take away the freedom and the rich possibilities of cloud computing.  It offers you freedom within the frame.  Our 45 Degrees approach to a cloud center of excellence is built on top of the foundations of innovation and cloud adoption.  We cover a total of 6 capabilities.  3 technical capabilities and 3 non-technical capabilities.  The technical capabilities are organised around the platform, security and operations.  The non technical capabilities are covering strategy, people and governance.  Within each capability there is an extensive list of sub capabilities that can, or can not be relevant, depending the specific situation of each customer.

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Need some help or guidance on your transformation journey? We are happy to listen, and even more to help.