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FinOps basecamp: strategy vs. tactics

In our previous FinOps blog Why FinOps isn’t like climbing Mount Everest we told you that achieving a huge goal such as climbing the top of a mountain is a hard one to reach, with a specific result. Our approach to FinOps is that operating FinOps isn’t such a target. With regard to FinOps, the journey is the goal. Embedding FinOps into your Cloud journey is a continuous process, which you should be iterating day in, day out, in order to improve it.

This blog isn’t about the journey, nor the top. But it’s about getting to the basecamp. Exploring the foot of the mountain, with one eye on the summum, but your feet in what’s currently comfortable for you.

Reaching the basecamp

For lots of people, getting to the top is never an option: too far, too high, too expensive. But that doesn’t keep a lot of people from going up to the basecamp. Just to get a hint of what it must be like going all the way up, but more suited to your needs. The trip to the foot of the mountain is quite delineated, except for the outcome: it can be both an intermediate step and an end station. The choice is yours, depending on your demands and goals. 

This metaphor aligns perfectly with our FinOps approach. We offer FinOps as a strategy, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. You can look at it from an operational point of view as well.

Welcome to the FinOps basecamp

When reaching FinOps basecamp, you’ve already taken a step most companies or enterprises haven’t. You started applying some sort of FinOps approach, which is evidently a move forward. In this first operational or tactical part of your journey, we mainly focus on visibility and cost optimization.

How do we work?

  1. Discovery
    In a first discovery round, we estimate where your company is situated in terms of Cloud adoption and implementation of Cloud Financial Management implementation. 
  2. Setup
    The setup phase is characterized by the implementation of an application, that allows us to build dashboards and report properly. Furthermore, we’ll have a look at budgets and anomalies by mutual agreement.
  3. Run
    Once the setup phase is done, we’ll evolve towards a Run phase, including monthly input from our side, shaped by regular reporting. 

The perks of the basecamp

Now we’ve elaborated what we tactically do and operate at FinOps basecamp, we’ll dive deeper into what’s in it for you. Why would you embark upon this journey towards FinOps?

  1. Usage optimization
    Focusing on your Cloud consumption could mean a serious decrease in spending. You can achieve this decrease in a number of ways, such as right sizing. By means of these reports we try to give insights into resources you haven’t been using 100% correctly and thus can be optimized. 
  2. Rate
    Additionally to usage optimization, we’ll be working on rate. Do you use reservations? Yes, how? Are these optimized or do we need to adjust them. In case you aren’t using any, we’ll have a look at which reservation strategy is your best fit.
  3. Reporting
    And of course, one of the basic principles within FinOps is reporting in time and tailored to the different personas. That’s what we do best. Besides reporting, we monitor your budget and signal if any anomalies occur. 

We offer our FinOps basecamp as a place where customers can linger for a long time. For instance, when your cloud spendings don’t increase drastically, it’s a perfect situation to stay in. When your Cloud cost does increase and the need to operate FinOps more strategically emerges, it’s the perfect basis to start from. You’ve already taken a few steps towards Financial Cloud Cost optimization, so it’s possible to start integrating FinOps in your company’s DNA.

Do you have any further questions after reading this blog? Let’s get in touch to get your FinOps journey started.

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