What you need to know about Cloud Financial Management (aka FinOps)

The digital shift forces companies to innovate and rethink their digital strategies. That’s why lots of businesses are adopting cloud technology. However, cloud technology comes with a new financial model where variable spending is the new standard. The agility inherent to cloud technology has its flipside: the invoice from hell every CIO or CFO fears. Nobody saw it coming and nobody knows what triggered it.  We want to introduce you to the ins and outs of Cloud Financial Management (aka FinOps). We will explain how to control the financial aspect of your cloud journey.  And how to make most of your cloud investment.  

45 Degrees kindly invites you to its first FinOps event. We will tackle the general concept and have a look at why and how you could and should implement it in your organization and digital strategy.  We will not do that from just a theoretic perspective.  We have invited Koen Devos from Delhaize to explore with us how we together are driving their FinOps journey.


Positioning FinOps
  • Why is financial management in a cloud environment different?
  • What is FinOps’ position in a broader cloud environment?
  • What is Cloud cost management versus full FinOps?
  • What does a FinOps team setup looks like?
The FinOps Approach

Why adopting FinOps is not like climbing Mount Everest

  • Research
  • Plan
  • Pilot
  • Run
FinOps @ Delhaize

Hear directly from our customer about the FinOps program at Delhaize.


The FinOps event is hosted by 45 Degrees. The following speakers take the stage to guide you through the ins and outs of FinOps.

  • Sam D’alleine, FinOps Architect & FinOps Practice Lead at 45 Degrees
  • Diederik Wyffels, Managing Partner at 45 Degrees
  • Koen Devos, Regional IT Manager Enterprise systems & Data Services at Delhaize

Practical Info

The event will be organized both online and in real life. The live event will take place in Spoor 18, Mechelen. This will be broadcasted through a livestream for those who are not able to attend in person. 45 Degrees offers catering and network opportunity afterwards.

Disclaimer: The event will be fully virtually in case of further measures due to Covid-19. This will be decided on before March 5th.

In a nutshell:

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