Control your Cloud spendings with the 45 Degrees FinOps Training Program

You want to prevent receiving the invoice from hell when it comes to your Cloud spendings. Transforming your business to the Cloud is one step, but managing it financially, the next. Our FinOps Practitioners Sam D'alleine and Stijn Depril take you through the ins and outs of FinOps in a one day training program, helping you to control your Cloud spendings.

45 Degrees FinOps Training Program

Adopting Cloud technology comes with a new financial model. Variable spending is the new standard, while the "spending power" goes from procurement teams to engineers. The agility of cloud  technology however does have a flip side: one button click will lead to instant costs. Without a clear perspective on what you're spending, it's just a matter of time before your CIO receives “the invoice from hell”.

Sam D’Alleine and Stijn Depril teach you how to tackle upcoming or existing challenges
when it comes to managing your Cloud spendings from a hands-on perspective.

  • Why?
    You want to learn from people who have hands-on experience implementing Cloud financial management.
  • Who?
    Future FinOps practitioners, IT professionals, IT Financial professionals, CIO’s/CFO’s
  • Agenda?
    • Why FinOps
    • A 10.000 feet view on the hyper scalers financial frameworks
    • Introduction to the FinOps Foundation Framework
    • FinOps Capabilities
    • Practical FinOps implementation of today’s struggles

After this workshop, you will have answers to some of the burning FinOps questions:
Why is financial Cloud Management important?
What  can I do to start putting a structure in place to tackle our cloud financial challenges?
How can I identify the low-hanging fruit? How can I tackle my challenges based on the FinOps Capabilities?

You will be better equipped to spark a FinOps practice and make your company more successful in adopting Cloud technology and practices.

Practical Info

  • When: 24/3/2023 - One day workshop
  • Where: Stationsstraat 55, 2800 Mechelen
  • Price: € 485,- per participant
  • When: 23/5/2023 - One day workshop
  • Where: Organized by The Campus (subscribe here)
  • Price: € 485,- per participant

Make sure you don't get flooded by the upcoming Cloud spending wave and join this one day training program
to be well prepared to surf this wave with your own FinOps practice.

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