HR @ 45 Degrees : Loes Piron

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Loes Piron.  I could start talking about how obsessed I am with my two kittens. About how much I like pizza Napoli… but I’ ll skip that and go straight to the part about my interesting job.

I am very proud to be part of Bluu, a cluster of companies within Cronos. Our teams help companies to stay relevant in an ever-changing world, the later being even more relevant today. Our focus lies on digitization and transformation. We call it “Infinite Business”.  We even have a formula for that:

Infinite business = (agile*intelligent*digitized)trust

The companies within Bluu all cover different aspects of this.  What inspires me is that ‘transformation’ can be found in every detail of a company’s culture. A digital shift automatically has a lot of influence on communication, flexibility and roles.

My job is to take care of a variety of HR related topics ranging from recruiting, performance management, change, etc. Every day something new, very exciting!  My professional goal is to be a part of a workplace where people feel their best and can develop themselves to the maximum of their potential.  Seeing people grow and glow, that makes me truly happy. 

What is your role in 45 Degrees?

I am responsible for recruitment. From the first contact to the onboarding (and beyond).  Together with my “partners in crime” at 45 Degrees I also brainstorm about how we can optimise the HR processes and set up new initiatives to support our teams. I keep track of how everyone is doing and try to spot certain needs so we can try to anticipate on them.

How does 45 Degrees fit in the bigger BLUU picture?

45 Degrees is where our team of experienced (Cloud) Architects join forces to help clients move to the next level in their transformation journey.  Our Cloud Architects draw a ‘Bluu’ print that lays the foundation for all the digital changes that will take place and maintain a birds-eye view throughout a project. They draw, as it were, the foundations for a new and improved house. They lay right at the heart of the Microsoft business within the Cronos group and focus primarily on Microsoft Azure at this moment.  45 Degrees has been part of Bluu from day one and has been a big part in the growth of our environment.

How does a process with a candidate look like?

We start with a simple phone call where we go over the motivation and ambitions.  This is where I give the broad outlines of our environment, our vision, and the opportunity. If there is a match during our first contact, we invite the candidate for a first acquaintance with Diederik, managing partner of 45 Degrees.  During this interview we go deeper into all of the above. Not a stiff job interview but a networking moment and an in-depth chat.  Besides the right technical background, a personal click here is very important. We believe that candidates and companies should choose each other and therefore also focus on the candidate’s expectations. This goes beyond the financial picture: What kind of company culture do you like to work in? What kind of tasks give you energy and which ones are draining?

If we share a similar vision and believe we can offer a road to growth, we move on to the next step : a conversation with one of our architects. We look at the technical knowledge and approach based on a case study based.  Since we are part of the Cronos group, which has a company for each branch in ICT somewhere, it’s possible to bring the candidate in contact with another Cronos company that fits his or her ambitions.

After a positive second conversation we move on to a proposal with a clear process of growth. We emphasise that Cronos is an environment for entrepreneurs. You have a lot of ownership over the development of your own career.  There is a lot of opportunity for growth but the initiative for progress will be your own responsibility.

How does the onboarding look like?

Let’s be clear, the onboarding process starts long before your official first “working” day. We first personally ensure that all practical matters are taken care of, such as a company car, laptop, etc. We also spend time making sure that your colleagues are up to speed on your arrival and all accounts are in order.

When its ultimately time for your first day we like to start off with a nice informal breakfast. A perfect moment to adjust to the new office. Then we begin the day.  The first point on the agenda is an introductory meeting where the vision, structure, and values of Cronos, Bluu and 45 Degrees will be explained. This is also where we will go over your main objectives. 

An introduction is not complete without a guided tour around the office building. We show you around all the different facilities and the different tools we use i.e. Intranet, etc.

For your sweet new ride we head to Cronos HQ where we will pick one out from the company fleet.  We break the day with a lunch with your colleagues.  We know first days can be an intense experience, there is a lot of information to process., but we will be with you to help you along the way.