Cloud Engineer

Life @ 45 Degrees: Wouter Lobbestael

Hi, I’m Wouter and I’ve been working in IT for 5 years now. Currently, I’m a Cloud Engineer at 45 Degrees, which basically means I execute the plans our Architects draw out. 45 Degrees consists of, amongst others, Cloud Architects and Cloud Engineers. The Architects work on certain solutions and draw out the plans to develop them. My task is to program and execute these plans. 

Did you already knew 45 Degrees before starting here

I have my experience in consultancy, since I was a consultant in systems engineering in my previous job. Although I hadn’t heard of 45 Degrees, I knew Cronos, which is kind of an industry standard. So when one of their recruiters reached out to me, I decided to listen. Something I normally wouldn’t do. 

What spoke to you when finding out about 45 Degrees?

My prior concern was to switch to a futureproof job. In my previous experience, I had to do a lot of things manually, whereas in the Cloud, all systems communicate with each other and are driven from a single point. You see everything changing to this approach, so I wanted to make sure I hopped on that train on time. 45 Degrees is driving this innovation, so in this respect I think I’m at the right place. And after talking to Diederik and Eline and taking my technical test, I was certain to switch. 

Does a ‘futureproof job’ come with certain ambitions?

Currently I mostly want to keep on learning and especially within the field Azure Cloud technology. I think this is a broad scope to start with. After having mastered this, I should be able to help myself within a wide spectrum of technologies. That will be the time to revise whether I want to specialize in anything particular.

Does 45 Degrees support this vision?

They leave a lot of choices up to me personally, but together we look at certain possibilities: what might be interesting to learn? How can we support you in doing so? At this time, it’s mostly about getting certified in a number of areas, following training programs and a sizable amount of self study until I can be deployed at certain projects.

What’s your first impression of 45 Degrees after starting?

45 Degrees and The Cronos Group in general is a very open environment. People listen to your wishes, ambitions and needs. Besides that, I was lucky enough to join one of the team buildings when I started, so I had the chance to meet the other colleagues already. Further, I think 45 Degrees has a really solid legacy in good practices in comparison with other (Cloud) companies. There’s tons of expertise around me, so if I want to learn my trade properly, this is definitely the place to do it!