My Life @ 45 Degrees : Nacho Sellan

My name is Juan Ignacio Sellan, but everyone call me Nacho (Nacho is the short for Ignacio). Born in Italy 45 years ago but lived most of my life in Argentina. I have been working in IT professionally for 25 years.

I had the luck to work in multiple areas in IT and take different roles. I went from being a one army man in a small company to be the (agile) product manager for cloud solutions in one of the big four. So it is fair to say that I’m generalist that still loves technology and I still have enough knowledge to be able to have like for like discussions with technical teams.

How did you find 45 Degrees ?

Well, actually 45 Degrees found me 🙂 . In my previous role I was living in Argentina as a product manager and the team of Diederik approached to me looking for someone that has knowledge in the Azure cloud but also had the soft skills needed to be able to interact with multiple roles all across the future customers.

Why did you join 45 Degrees ?

I liked the personal and professional challenge. From professional side it is a dynamic company that started from scratch that was looking for people able to fit in multiple rolls. From the personal side I wanted to challenge myself if could move away from a big multinational to small but energic company that was in a different culture and country.  

What projects did you do so far ?

For my first project, I was involved with a company that was looking for someone who could guide them on how to go to the cloud but that the same time provide them some organization and best practice on how to drive projects. So not only I had to understand the technology requirements and design solution for them in the cloud, I also had to take a roll to coordinate and track the delivery of the solution.

The second project that I got involved was to develop a cloud center of  excellence. This means that not only we needed to deliver day by day projects or solution in the cloud, but also we needed to change the mindset on how to implement a way of working that leverage at its fullest the cloud environment.

What do you like about working for 45 Degrees ?

From someone that come from abroad I would say what liked the most is how open the people are. They were willing to hear someone with different ideas and also  how relax the environment is.

What are you most proud of during your time @45 Degrees ?

Help design the Infinite Business framework and then present it to our customers. Also I would say working in multiple clients with total different roles an able to adapt to each one.

What are your professional ambitions ?

Even though is not truly “professional”, my immediate goal is to learn Dutch as it will expand my horizons from the professional point of view and then as a long term goal I would love to have the chance to grow in the Cronos company and expand my knowledge in other roles.